Chris Brewer

Born and raised in Arizona, Chris has studied computer repair and worked on the first Apple and IBM PC’s on the market. He went back to school in the mid eighties and studied astronomy and then went on to teach astronomy lab at a local community college. Chris spent time working at Mt Palomar Observatory on Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey team for Cal-Tech. 

Chris spent the next 23 years working with high end clientele in the auto detail and auto body business in California, and later moved to the Rogue Valley to work in an adult foster care facility with his wife. As a true entrepreneur, Chris decided to launch a career in Real Estate in 2019.  

When Chris is not buying and selling real estate you can find him studying Astronomy, Rock Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Bicycling and Hiking. Chris is a valuable resource for all things outdoors and is a fantastic person to go to for recreational activities recommendations locally in the Rogue Valley. 

His work as an educator has afforded him the ability to share things he has learned, with others who may not have been fortunate enough to be exposed to.