Dillon Malin

(541) 261-4924

Rockwell Real Estate Group

Dillon was born in Garden Grove, California in Orange County and raised here in Southern Oregon. Having personally lived all over Southern Oregon, from Sunny Valley down to Medford/Ashland, he has an understanding of the different areas in our community.

His previous job involved processing donations and working with thousands of nonprofits across the USA. This taught him a great deal in not only working with our communities needs but also gained a wealth of experience in customer services. He is detail oriented and truly on the ball in terms of always anticipating what needs to be done and what are the next steps in any processes, all the while being very self driven.

Dillon is an outdoorsy person and loves to swim, paddle-board, snowboard, and pretty much anything that lets him enjoy the sunshine with his wife and 2 sons. With his background of local non-profits he loves to work to better our beautiful community as much as possible, even in his spare time. This passion for the people in our community is what drives Dillon to do his absolute best for every single client.