Griffin Larson

(541) 613-6825

Rockwell Real Estate

As an Oregon native, Griffin grew up with a love affair for two things, 1) the outdoors and culture of Southern Oregon and 2) Real Estate. Griffin grew up with a family in construction and sales, teaching him early on the value of investing and financial literacy. Realizing the impact that Real Estate can have on one’s life: whether it is a decision on the place that will hold many memories or simply an investment property.

He sees each home as an opportunity to create financial freedom, believing vehemently in laying a foundation for wealth building and a well-diversified portfolio through real estate, and takes prides in showing others how to take those steps. Griffin is prepared to assist you with an authentic and effortless Real Estate experience and truly wants to help people grow through their experience.

While he is passionate about helping others, in his free time he enjoys reading about personal development, building computers, software editing, drone operation, and spending time with his Labrador, Tank. He enjoys spending his time with long time friends and new ones alike, having thoughtful and engaging conversations that leave everyone motivated to be the best they can be in all avenues of life.