Jeff Greene - REALTOR®


Rockwell Real Estate Group

Introducing Jeff Greene, a dynamic new real estate agent with a deep love for his family, music and golf. Born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California, he developed a  passion for music, golf and the world of real estate at an early age. From childhood to recent years, Jeff dabbled in golf here and there but a few years after meeting his wife they started sharing some skills on the fairways and greens, embracing the camaraderie, competition and challenge that golf offers.

Jeff is a dedicated husband and father.  He understands the significance of finding a home where family memories can be made. He believes in the power of a home as a sanctuary, a place where love, growth and cherished moments thrive.

Jeff’s background in sales and customer service provides him with a solid foundation as he steps into the real estate industry. His ability to listen, understand and connect with clients is the cornerstone of his approach. He recognizes the importance of truly comprehending his clients' unique requirements and desires to help them find their dream homes.

When not on the golf course or working diligently for his clients, Jeff spends quality time with his family. From weekend outings to the park to family movie nights, he cherishes these moments as opportunities to bond and create lifelong memories.

Jeff’s friendly personality, dedication to his clients and passion for his family, music and golf set him apart in the real estate industry. With his expertise and genuine care, he aims to help his clients find not just a house, but a place they can proudly call home. Jeff is excited to embark on this new chapter in his career, using his love for golf and commitment to family to guide his clients towards their goals.