Katelyn Bowen


Rockwell Real Estate

Katelyn was born and raised in Southern Oregon where she resides with her husband and two children. She has a background in teaching children and teens, helping people in the healthcare industry, educating people about the outdoors and survival, and runs her own outdoor guiding business located in Southern Oregon where she teaches others to ethically hunt deer, bear and other large game animals. She volunteers as a Salmon Watch Instructor in the Rogue Valley teaching K-12 about the salmon life cycle and riparian and is a board member of the Oregon Outdoor Council.

Katelyn got licensed as a real estate broker in the beginning of 2022 after she decided to pursue a career in which she wanted to help people even more and share her knowledge of all the aspects the Rogue Valley has. As a young girl she fell in love with how each home was so unique after helping her parents find their home and after her and her husband bought their first home.

Aside from work you can find Katelyn riding horses, farming, hunting, hiking, running, or volunteering for habitat conservation projects.