Ruben Salazar

(541) 973-8435

Southern Oregon has been home to me for over 20 years. Nothing beats some of the most iconic landmarks this Valley has to offer and is why I’m so in love with it. Out of High school I attended college at the University of Oregon. My time spent in college perpetuating my love for people and gave me an appreciation for the effort set forth in collaborating to accomplish a common goal. Go Ducks! I learned that I truly thrive in a healthy team environment and it encourages me more than I had ever thought.

After my time in college, I pursued health and fitness and managed a portion of a large supplement chain, which thrives on helping its customers through better health. My passion for people and customer service only skyrocketed, and solidified my decision to focus on a career in Real Estate and make it my profession, where people are the heart and soul to our business.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my very small family, lifting weights, hiking, rafting and just enjoying the fruits of what Oregon has to offer. I love making friends with strangers and living life to the fullest.