Lindsey Raybourne - Marketing Director/Onboarding

Having grown up in the Bay Area California, I knew what urban life was like and appreciated everything the unique environment that the Bay Area had to offer. Although I spent summers visiting family in Southern Oregon, it wasn't until I was a teenager that my family decided to move to Southern Oregon permanently. I attended part of middle and High school in the valley but wanted to branch out on my own after graduating and moved to Las Vegas.

Having spent the next 10 years working in casinos and putting myself through college, I realized I had missed the beautiful colors of the changing seasons in Oregon and the friends and family I had left behind. I moved back to Southern Oregon in 2015 and have since worked in Marketing at an international playground distributor and in real estate. I joined the Rockwell Group as Marketing Director in 2018 and have fallen in love with the team members and the drive I have seen in all of them. Working alongside Jake has afforded me a great opportunity to learn so much and rely on the team as we all work together and support each other in unique ways.

I became a licensed broker early in 2020 and have worked hard to push through the changing social/economic climate and continue to help those in our community and the Rockwell Group succeed!