Selling your home in today’s market can seem like a challenge, especially if your home could use some tender loving care. But what if you just don’t have it in your budget to invest thousands of dollars into a remodel? For many cash strapped homeowners this is the dilemma that keeps them awake at night. Rest easy, there are many small projects that you can do around the house that will increase your home’s value without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at 10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value:

  • Landscaping – By spending just a few hundred dollars on grass seed or replacement sod, new flowers, bushes, and or trees any homeowner with a shovel and some elbow grease can dramatically improve their homes curb appeal over a long weekend. For inspiration check out
  • Wash Instead of Paint – If you can’t afford to paint the home how about giving it a good wash? With a ladder and an extension brush any homeowner can give their home’s exterior a thorough scrub down. Don’t forget to wash the screens, windows, and gutters while you’re at it. When you’re done outside move inside.
  • Paint the Trim and Front Door – Another way to revitalize your home’s exterior is to paint just the trim and front door two items buyer’s eyes are naturally drawn to when driving by your home. Just be sure the paint is a good match to the base color and you avoid embarrassing drips.
  • Clean the Floors – If you can’t afford new flooring consider steam cleaning carpets, washing or waxing laminate, hardwood or linoleum floors, and cleaning the grout on tile floors. Have a hole or permanent stain in the carpet? Consider replacing the flooring in just that room by talking to your local flooring vendor. Be sure to ask about large remnants (left over materials from larger jobs that may fit smaller rooms).
  • Re-Caulk Plumbing Fixtures – Over time caulk, the silicon that protects surfaces from water seepage around plumbing fixtures, can discolor, tear, or degrade. Stripping this material out and replacing it with a fresh bead of silicon is an inexpensive way to improve both bathrooms and kitchens. Caulk now comes in different grades and colors so be sure to shop for a product that is appropriate for the job and matches your décor.
  • Pressure Wash Sidewalks and Driveways – Over the year’s dirt, dust, and grime works its way into the driveways and sidewalks of every home. The good news is that a few hours with a pressure washer can turn back the clock on these surfaces. A word of warning while it might be tempting to use the same device to wash your home, don’t, the high pressure stream can easily peel the paint off your home (not a good selling point).
  • De-Clutter the Home – A home packed full of furniture, clothing, collections, exercise equipment, and or memorabilia can cause a home to look much smaller than its actual size. So have a garage sale, rent a storage unit, or start making trips to the landfill but be sure to whittle down your home’s contents to a manageable size.
  • Fix the Small Things – Every homeowner keeps a list of the small projects that they never seem to have time to complete. Now is the time to jump on those projects. Need a gentle reminder? Replace light bulbs throughout the home, fix holes in doors or walls, grease squeaky cabinets or doors, clean the gutters, fix leaking plumbing fixtures, and changing the air filters would be a good start.
  • Update Lighting Fixtures – You can spend a fortune on lighting fixtures but you don’t have to. Consider selectively changing lighting fixtures that date the home, exterior garage lights, bathroom lights, or bedroom lights for instance are all great choices.
  • Deep Clean the Home – A deep cleaning isn’t just straightening up or rearranging the dusty bunnies, no, it’s a no holds barred war on dirt. Starting from the highest point in the home clean every single surface, yes, you will have to move furniture, clean out closets, and lift up the couch but the results will be well worth the effort.

Improving your home’s value doesn’t always have to mean taking out a second mortgage. Sometimes small projects can improve the value of your home in big ways. So roll up your sleeves, put on your gloves, and have fun!