Southern Oregon Real Estate is heating up. Whether you’re interested in Medford Real Estate, Ashland Real Estate, Jacksonville Real Estate or Grants Pass Real Estate, it’s a fact that time is short when it comes to low interest rates. Years ago, a 10% rate meant that you bought your home approximately twice after just 10 years. At today’s rates it would take many years to buy your house even once. With current rates near the rate of inflation, your mortgage can mean almost free money and a great tax benefit. Time is money and in Real Estate, it can mean a lot of money over many years of home ownership.

To get started:

Get pre-qualified by a lender before hunting for your new home.

Consult your Realtor with the results of your pre-qualification.

Be ready to jump when that affordable opportunity comes along

The tail end of recession can be a gift that keeps on giving so act now. Time is money and most-importantly – it’s yours.