Southern Oregon Market Stats

Jan. 1, 2020- March 31, 2020

By Jake Rockwell

Homes in Jackson County are selling quicker and for more money then they were this time last year. Of course, these numbers only reflect until the end of March which saw the biggest National impact from the COVID-19 virus. One thing to consider is that although we haven't yet seen the housing stats for April, which may reflect the true impact more, it is evident that at least thru the end of March the housing market remained STRONG. This is also true for the South East and West sides of Grants Pass in Josephine County as well. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • With the exception of Ashland and Jacksonville, every designated area of Jackson County has had an increase in median sales prices. 
  • Notably Eagle Point, Shady Cove and Rogue River and Gold Hill have all seen an annual increase of 20% or more. Indicating if a current home owner in these areas is thinking of selling, now may be a great time to get more for an asking price than in previous years. 
  • This trend can also be seen in the Residential Market Trends as the average days on market has also decreased as homes are selling quicker and the Listing (or asking) Price vs Selling Price has also gone up. 
  • Josephine County in Grants Pass the South east and west sides are experiencing an uptick as well, with median home prices up and days on market down. 



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