Medford property owners love fresh bread.Not every town in the world can boast a great bakery, but Artisan Bakery Café is one of the reasons Medford is such a delicious place to live. Artisan Bakery Café is the only full-line bakery in Southern Oregon and it’s the home of weekly coffee chats between old friends and the occasional donut dash. Locals are known to visit the bakery on certain days of the week to stock up on their favorite breads and take them back to their Medford property: Mondays are for Multigrain, Tuesdays are reserved for Artisan Black, Wednesdays smell like Focaccia, celebrate Thursdays with Jewish Egg and toast the end of the work week with Cinnamon Chip Swirl.

Artisan Bakery Café bakes sourdough loaves every weekday morning and specializes in all kinds of baked desserts and gluten-free foods. Try their giant cookies, raspberry bars and yellow frosted cupcakes.

If you’re in town for breakfast, try a Savory Quiche with your Snickers Espresso. For lunch, try the Mealy Marissa sandwich: sliced turkey breast on a bed of greens, topped with Havarti cheese, dijon mustard and cranberry conserve. Yum!

Artisan Bakery Café is located near downtown Medford property at 1325 Center Dr., Suite 106 in Medford. To find out what’s in the ovens, call (561) 245-3500. For more information, visit Artisan Bakery on the web.