Medford, Jacksonville, and Ashland Real Estate is heating up. In fact, most of Southern Oregon Real Estate is reflecting higher prices. This means that sellers are competing more and more for buyers. Here are some that may help you get to get that “Sold” sign in your front yard.

  • Curb appeal: Nothing says caring and “look at me” more when a yard is neat and clean. Water, trim, mow and make sure cracks in any concrete are fixed. Clean your roof, paint your house if necessary and keep trash picked up along with properly storing those bikes, skateboards and toys that may have been left out at showing time.
  • Neutrality in décor: When comparing homes, buyers discussing which ones were remembered for what feature. Buying real estate is often a matter of the buyer picturing their belongings in the seller’s house.
  • Use neutral colors such as light beige, muted white or light tan when painting. Psychedelic colors, black walls or unusual wallpaper patterns detract from the buyer’s taste.
  • Use as little furniture as possible to do the job. This way the buyer can picture their furniture in what will hopefully be their home.
  • Clean, clean, clean. Wash dishes, straighten everything and make sure that your home smells great.
  • Inspect and repair before listing: Solving problems in advance is a good way to make sure that the buyer can write that offer with confidence. While the buyer can provide their own inspection, a bit of effort in advance can mean that that house is ready to be the buyer’s home as soon and as easily as possible.
  • Time is money: Make sure your home is priced perfectly to sell. Waiting for “your price” can take time while you are making your own mortgage payment. A good Realtor will keep you updated on actual selling prices in your neighborhood. Important: Be sure not to perceive the difference between what you want and what you receive as loss. Everything sells at the right price.