As we all seem to march along with uncertainty during this crisis, we have to look back and see how things have changed since the recession of 2008. Banks have changed their lending practices and consumers truly changed the way they look at the housing market. These changes are all of course in our own best interests and its important to reflect on the good that has come from that change. It's important to also realize how much we've all learned from that time and see how we are using what we learned then, NOW. 

One of those ways it seems is sharing the sentiment that no matter what, we are all in this together. That being said, it's a relief to know that the government is working hard to share that same sentiment. Most recently the Federal Housing Finance Agency has declared a plan to forgive or at least provide some relief with flexible payments for all homeowners affected by the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak. 

While they are continuing to work on additional relief bills, at least we know for now that things like this are on the horizon, which seems to lessen the load that we are all bearing. For the full article click here 

In closing, while we are all dealing with things changing so rapidly and trying to do the best we can, keep in mind that we also need to consider using more compassion than we may ordinarily do when dealing with others, as we never know what other difficulties/struggles may be on someone else's plate. 

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