I wanted to spend some time talking about golf in southern Oregon as it’s my favorite past time! Although golf course choices are somewhat limited in southern Oregon there are still some great courses to enjoy. I personally am a member at Centennial Golf Club located in South East Medford. It is a newer course (last 15 years) and so the trees have not matured yet but the course plays great! Its a wide open style golf course with lots of room for those slices and hooks! My favorite part of the course are the greens....being that my strong part of the game is putting i can really appreciate nice smooth and fast greens. The rest of the course conditions in my opinion are excellent with a lot of attention to detail by the greens keepers! The course offers a fantastic driving range and practice facility as well as a clubhouse and restaurant.

The other golf courses in the Rogue Valley include 3 other 18 hole courses, Eagle Point Golf Club (public) located in Eagle Point, Oregon, and are a Robert Trent Jones designed course and is my other favorite. I hope you like the beach because this course is filled with sand traps and offers a great feel and setting. It offers an excellent driving range and clubhouse with pro shop and restaurant.

Rogue Valley Country Club (private) located right in town of Medford is a traditional in town country club with mature tree lined holes. It also offers a clubhouse, restaurant, swimming pool, locker rooms, tennis courts and more! Though its private it does offer many public golf and social events for anyone to enjoy.

Stoneridge Golf Course (public) located in White City towards Klamath Falls on HWY 140. This course has one of the best settings and layouts in my opinion but it does not stack up to the others in condition. But if you want to golf in Southern Oregon on a budget it does cost less to play. Watch out for the squirrels as they may steal your food, candy bars, and even your keys!

There are several other 9 hole courses that are enjoyable as well. They include Stewart Meadows, Bear Creek (par 3 course), Laurel Hill (par 3 course).