Southern Oregon Market Stats

Aug 1st- Oct 31, 2022


By Jake Rockwell

More homes are coming on the market, at lower prices and are staying on the market for a bit longer. With the average Days on Market going up into the 40's we are seeing the subtle shift into more of a split market, no longer favoring the sellers. This is great for buyers, they are no longer competing again 10-15 offers on a single home but are able to write in fair offers and not be as concern for that the fear of having to come up with more money out of pocket if the home doesn't appraise. This is of course for homes within Urban Boundaries, homes that are rural and on more acreage are always on the market for a little bit longer time, but now the average is up to 66 Days on Market.  

Luckily inventory has trickled up and for residential homes is at 737 active on the market, up from just 621. This allow for more option, proving that although many people choose to hold off for home shopping during the winter months, right now could be more advantageous to a buyer. More options on the market, homes are less in asking value and there's more wiggle room for negotiations for your offers. Also, REO's and short sales are continuing to grow if that's something a buyer is considering. 


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