Southern Oregon Market Stats

February 1, 2022- April 30th, 2022


By Jake Rockwell

The market is changing! The subtle shifts that we've all been talking about being on the horizon for the last few years are finally here, as we see the stock market dipping in almost direct correlation we see the interest rates going up into the 5's and 6 percent's again. This is of course going to have a dramatic effect on what people can afford and how far their money will go. This is of course speaking about it from a buyer perspective, however it effects a seller as well. This means less buyers my be in the same affordability pool as what was there before, meaning less serious interest on homes, so pricing you home correctly matters more than ever. 


Key take-aways:

  • Gold Hill and Rogue River areas have gone up nearly 110% in 5 years.
  • The median price point for Jackson County went from $380,000 to $425,000 in just one year.
  • Overall inventory has gone up from 373 to 543 up 43.2% 



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