Southern Oregon Market Stats

Dec. 1st, - Feb. 28th 2023


By Jake Rockwell

The pendulum has started to swing. When we look at the numbers it looks surprising at first glance, with number of homes sold dropping from 627 to just 286, it hard to not feel alarmed. However, remembering that this time last year was such a momentous time where typical market conditions that effect the winter month, just didn't seem to take hold at all. As the market shifts back down to normalcy, its important to remember not to necessarily look at just a year over year comparison but that last year was an anomaly in of itself. Apart from 2022, looking at the numbers in 2019 the number of homes sold was 487 during the same time frame. However the sales price has changed since then going from $278,250 to $391,250. 

When you compare this year to last on the median sales price it has gone down from $408,250 to $391,250, and overall most areas throughout Jackson County have started to trickle down on pricing. This is of course, due to the fed hiking interest rates in an effort to combat inflation. It seems to be working as pricing is coming down a bit and might me a sweet spot coming up for buyers where the interest rates may also come back down on a home that the prices have already fallen on. 



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