Southern Oregon Market Stats

Nov. 1, 2022- Jan. 31, 2023


By Jake Rockwell

Looking at the numbers from last year, total sales are down and inventory is up. However, that's to be expected not only after such a large downturn in the market due to interest rates spiking but also during the winter months. November through Feb is traditionally much slower anyhow. The 5 year home values are all still up nearly 50% but despite the rapid surge in prices we felt last year, median home values are starting to come back down. Going from $389,500 in 2022 to $381,000, which isn't a lot but shows that the time might be good for buyers to get into the market. 

This is true from a realtor perspective as we are seeing buyers that are in the market, be much more prepared and ready to buy this is also good for sellers. This means far less showings that don't amount to an offer. Buyers are ready to buy and are serious when considering a property and are often pre-qualified and know what specifically they want in a home and what is a deal breaker for them. 

Southwest Medford and Eagle Point are looking like the two key areas that might be best to look at for buying. Eagle Point is showing a median change from $415k to $340, while Southwest Medford is at $350k compared to last years $392k. That's huge savings for anyone looking to buy right now. 


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