Southern Oregon Market Stats

October 1, 2021- December 31, 2021


By Jake Rockwell

Its all about spotting the subtle market shifts... we're seeing a few areas that make us critically about the numbers and the market. Days on market seems to shift up and down along with the months of available inventory, while still remaining at some historically low thresholds. However, it seems that the median sales prices might be showing signs of coming back down just slightly in some areas and inventory seems to improve. As more people are bouncing back from the COVID era economy they are returning to typical spring fever for real estate sales. More homes are coming on the market, yet the trend from out of state buyers remains as the work from home stipulations and long term work force flexibility has changed the workplace dynamic allowing so many to move to more affordable areas, in our case Californians to Oregon. This means that those higher price points will most likely remain as the demand calls for it where as days on market may begin to go back up and months of inventory moves along-side it. 


Key Take-Aways:

  • Josephine County Inventory went up by 62.6% from this same time in 2020
  • Jackson County Inventory went up by only 9.4% from this same time in 2020
  • Months of inventory fell from 2+ to just 1.4
  • Days on market in Jackson County dropped from 36 to 27



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