Southern Oregon Market Stats

November 1, 2020 through January 31, 2021

By Jake Rockwell

Many area are showing dramatic increase in median sales prices in Jackson county, which the exception of Phoenix, where the Median sales priced dropped by over $110k. However, this is doubt due to the lack of inventory and the number of solds dropping from 21 to just 12. One can infer that this is not only due to inventory quite literally disappearing as the fires of last year cut the actual number of dwellings down loosing over 2300 dwelling and nearly 3000 structure total. Other factors in that area may also include, insurance costs, fear, and inhabitability combined with continued clean up efforts. 

However, overall in the area you can see a shift in the real estate market, where traditionally you didn't see many home for sale or people looking to purchase during the winter months. That is clearly not the case this past quarter as we saw number of sales go from 574 to 627 for the same time period even amidst covid closures and resulting economic changes. 


Noteworthy Points of Interest 

  • Talent area up 48.2% in just one year
  • Rogue River/ Gold Hill are up 37.9% in just one year 
  • The median home sales price in all Jackson county areas is up near $50k with the exception of Phoenix, which is showing down from $417,500 to $305,000. 
  • Overall inventory is down for the area 66% in Jackson County 



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