Southern Oregon Market Stats

July 1st, 2021- Sept 30th 2021


By Jake Rockwell

Comparatively, 2021 is showing great strides over 2020. Which is remarkable as 2020, despite COVID drawbacks made great numbers, yet, 2021 is already showing 21.9% increase in inventory for all of Jackson County. Even the median home price has sold for nearly $50,000 over last years number from $338,500 to $379,950. The trajectory is continuously going up which means if you're waiting to buy, you may end up waiting for no reason as prices continue to go up. Will the market crash, NO. Might it correct, YES, however you wont see prices falling considerably in our opinion. Home prices may stop increasing at such a rapid rate but will most likely be it. So we continue to say what we've said all year, BUY and SELL now. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • Total homes in residential inventory went from September 2021 at 452 to 551 in September 2021.
  • Total homes SOLD in this time went from 810 in 2020 to 820 in 2021.
  • 5 year change is an increase of 50.8%.


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