Southern Oregon Market Stats

Dec 1st 2021 - Feb 28th 2022


By Jake Rockwell

Looking at the numbers a few items really seem to stick out. The first being that two areas have witnessed significant growth. Ashland has gone up 25% in median value in 5 years but just in the last year has gone up over 30% in number of homes sold in just the last year. From 2021 at 75 homes to 112 in 2022, that's a large jump in such a small almost micro market as it steadily maintains a higher price point than everywhere else in the valley even amongst affordable college housing. Secondly, a nearly 90% 5 year change in median value for Northwest Medford going from $179,000 to $338,000. The valley is shifting as the affordability index goes up and continues to follow the growing trend of new people relocating to the area. It's a welcomed increase which will definitely continue to diversify the valley. 

Key Take-Aways:

  • area with highest number sold units East Medford with 206 in 2022
  • residential inventory went up just slightly from 324 to 345 in all of Jackson County
  • residential inventory went up in Josephine County from just 114 to 210 and change of nearly 85% in just one year




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